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Table 3 Number of interviewees by organizational roles

From: Advancing perinatal patient safety through application of safety science principles using health IT

Organizational role Number interviewed
 Nursing Directors 18
 Nursing (e.g., Nurse Mangers, Perinatal Clinical Nursing Specialists, Staff Nurses, Educators) 61
 Physician (e.g., OB/GYN, Anesthesiologist) 10
 Senior Leadership (Hospital President, VP of Nursing, Chief Clinical Officer) 7
 Administrator (e.g., Patient Care Administrator for OB, Perinatal Administrator) 5
 Quality (e.g., Quality Director, Quality Coordinator) 12
 Data Specialist (Data Coordinator, Data Manager) 9
 Other (e.g., Project Manager, Patient Safety Officer, Informatics Coordinator) 9
Total Interviewed 131