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Table 2 Five extensively discussed concepts within the SNOMED CT core concept set

From: The development of a nursing subset of patient problems to support interoperability

Included SNOMED CT concepts Excluded SNOMED CT concepts
123,979,008 Abnormal body temperature (finding) 85,623,003 Ineffective thermoregulation (finding)
248,062,006 Self-injurious behaviour (finding) 130,968,006 Self-mutilation (finding)
284,905,001 Difficulty performing toileting activities (finding) 284,905,001 Self-toileting deficit (finding)
247,592,009 Poor short-term memory (finding)| 423,698,005 Limited recall of recent event (finding)
714,884,000 Difficulty transferring location (finding) 714,914,005 Impaired ability to transfer location (finding)