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Table 3 Treatments made for them, rather than with them

From: Patient perspectives on engagement in decision-making in early management of non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome: a qualitative study

 “They’ve looked at the options and have decided what is best for you and then they tell you that and you decide if you will do it or not” (Participant 8)
  “I don’t need a bunch of options…. I do what the expert believes is the solution for me”…“If I cut my finger, fix it…don’t give me options”, for example a tourniquet or amputation, go with the focused solution (Participant 15)
 “My thinking is I’m having trouble, these are professionals – I let them do what they do – I put my life in their hands. When I worked I was the expert in my field called in due to a problem, took necessary action – did my thing didn’t rely on client” (Participant 16)
 “There would be a lot going on behind the scene: doctors talking to doctors etc. as they make the decision they think is best” (Participant 11)
 (The doctors got together) “They voted among themselves if I would survive the surgery or not” (Participant 17)