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Table 2 MAPPIN’SDM-observer instrument [48]

From: Implementation of shared decision-making in oncology: development and pilot study of a nurse-led decision-coaching programme for women with ductal carcinoma in situ

   Measurement unit
MAPPIN’SDM-Indicator Description Nurse/Physician (focuses the professional behaviour) Patient (focuses the patient behaviour) Dyad (takes both patient and professional behaviour into account)
Defining problem To draw attention to an identified problem as one that requires a decision-making process MAPPIN-Onurse1 MAPPIN-Opatient1 MAPPIN-Odyad1
SDM key message To state that there is more than one way to deal with the identified problem MAPPIN-Onurse2 MAPPIN-Opatient2 MAPPIN-Odyad2
Discussing the options a) structure To structure the discussion of the options in a way that is easy to understand and easy to remember. MAPPIN-Onurse3a MAPPIN-Opatient3a MAPPIN-Odyad3a
b) content To explain and discuss the pros and cons of the different options MAPPIN-Onurse3b MAPPIN-Onurse3b MAPPIN-Odyad3b
c) EBPI To consider the criteria of evidence-based patient information MAPPIN-Onurse3c MAPPIN-Opatient3c MAPPIN-Odyad3c
Expectations and worries To explore / discuss the patient’s expectations (ideas) and concerns (fears) about how to manage the problem MAPPIN-Onurse4 MAPPIN-Opatient4 MAPPIN-Odyad4
Indicate decision To open the decision stage leading to the selection of an option MAPPIN-Onurse5 MAPPIN-Opatient5 MAPPIN-Odyad5
Follow up arrangements To discuss plans for how to proceed MAPPIN-Onurse6 MAPPIN-Opatient6 MAPPIN-Odyad6
Preferred communication approach To come to an agreement on the preferred mode of information exchange MAPPIN-Onurse7 MAPPIN-Opatient7 MAPPIN-Odyad7
Evaluation of understanding patient To clarify whether the patient correctly understood the information given by the nurse (clinician) MAPPIN-Onurse8 MAPPIN-Opatient8 MAPPIN-Odyad8
nurse To clarify whether the nurse (clinician) has correctly understood the patient’s point of view MAPPIN-Onurse9 MAPPIN-Opatient9 MAPPIN-Odyad9
Mean score of all indicators   MAPPIN-Onursetotal MAPPIN-Opatienttotal MAPPIN-Odyadtotal