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Table 1 Overview of relevant assessments

From: Evaluation of data quality of interRAI assessments in home and community care

  RAI-MDS 2.0
(Resident Assessment Instrument – Minimum Dataset 2.0)
(Resident Assessment Instrument – Home Care)
interRAI HC
(interRAI Home Care)
interRAI CHA
(interRAI Community Health Assessment)
Purpose To assess the needs, strengths, and preferences of vulnerable populations
Applications Care planning, resource allocation, outcomes measures, and quality indicators
Setting Long-term care (LTC), Complex continuing care (CCC) Home care (HC) Home care (HC) Community support services (CSS)
Jurisdiction in Canada Mandated in 9 provinces and territories Mandated in 8 provinces and territories Not yet implemented in Canada Use encouraged in Ontario, determined at organizational level
Data Repository
 Provincial None Ontario Association of Home and Community Care (OACCAC) n/a Integrated Assessment Record
 National Continuing Care Reporting System (CCRS)a Home Care Reporting System (HCRS)a n/a None
  1. aManaged by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)