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Table 3 Stakeholders

From: Factors influencing the development of primary care data collection projects from electronic health records: a systematic review of the literature

  Governmental services Academic institutions Software companies
Private-sector companies
CPRDa - Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
- Department of health via the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) [15]
National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) IMS Health© [180]
Several EHR software systems [15]
THIN    In Practice System - Cegedim©, IMS Health© [16]
Q research   University of Nottingham and its division of Primary Care [42] EMIS [42]
Veterans databasea Veterans Health Administration [152]   VISTA, developed by the Veterans Health Administration [152]
Geisinger© Health System project    Geisinger© Health system [30]
IBM [162]
General Electric Centricity© electronic medical records research database    General Electric© [181]
OCHIN, Inc US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
OCHIN SafetyNetWest Practice-Based Research Network, non-profit partnership with academic researchers, governed by a board of directors EpicCare [22]
Baylor Health Care System (BHCS) and Christiana Care Health
System (CCHS)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, US Department of Health and Human Services   One commercial EHR system [166]
University of California Davis Health System electronic medical record system   University of California [168] University of California Davis Health System electronic medical record (Epic, Verona, WI)
CHCI    eClinicalWorks [170]
MGPO   Massachusetts General Hospital - Radiology Department
associated with the Massachusetts General Physician Organization
Primary Care Operations Improvement Group
OpenDoor   Columbia University
New York University School of Medicine
Division of General Internal Medicine
Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
Primary Care Development Corporation
eClinicalWorks [173]
New York City Primary Care Information Project Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality   eClinicalWorks [21]
IFH Funding from New York state
Health Resources and Services Administration
  EpicCare ambulatory EHR [20, 176]
Department of Family medicine - Wisconsin Wisconsin State Division of Public Health Department of Family Medicine
University of Wisconsin [178]
CPCSSNa and Delphi Public Health Agency of Canada [24] - Centre for Studies in Primary Care at Queen’s University [24] and several universities
- College of family physicians [24]
Several EHR software systems [24]
EMRALDa Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, depending on the projects [74] - Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, a prescribed entity under Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act [70]
- University of Toronto and its Department of Family and Community Medicine
- University of Ottawa
Several EHR software systems: Practice Solutions Software electronic medical record, Oscar [74]
IPCIa No Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam:
Department of Medical Informatics, Unit of Pharmaco-epidemiology [29], Department of General Practice [29]
Nivel-PCD a Dutch Ministry of Health [41] - Groningen University, Free University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University and more
- National college of GPs
- National association of GPs [41]
NIVEL owns the Information Communications Technology (ICT) department and has close links with vendors of ICT systems [41]
LINH Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL)
Dutch Ministry of Health [41]
- IQ healthcare
- National association of GPs
- Dutch College of GPs [41]
Julius General Practitioners Network (JGPN) databasea No - Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care at Utrecht University Medical Center [39].
- GPs’ Networks at each Dutch University
- Representatives of care groups (groups of GPs from the same area) have a seat in the scientific committee.
Information Communications Technology company (called Proigia) extracts primary care data from GP practices and send them to the database
RNH   Department of Family Medicine, subdivision of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University.
Maastricht University Medical Center.
CAPHRI, school for public health and primary care [89]
Transform projecta Depending on the country Several universities worldwide (e.g., Crete, Antwerp) [79] TransHIS
Custodix, Belgium, for central data linkage
SIDIAP Catalan Institute of Health [31] - Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute
- Girona Research Support Unit [31]
eCap, Catalan software company [31]
IMS Health© [180]
ECRPC Madrid Madrid Regional Health Authority   
BIFAPa 6 projects administered and financed by Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices), a public agency belonging to the Spanish Department of Health [95]
- Institutional collaboration of the regional governments of the nine participant Autonomous Communities
- Department of General Practice
- Learned societies of GPs’ support
- One GP who is an active BIFAP collaborator appointed as member of the BIFAP Scientific Committee.
in-house IT and pharmaco-epidemiologist teams
No private-sector company
GRAPHC   - Australian National University
- Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute [182]
Canning Division of General Practice   Australian General Practice Network  
MEGPN Independent accredited not-for-profit organization [27]   PCS Clinical Audit Tool© Practice Health Atlas©
Integoa Flemish government, Department of Health Care [54] - Department of General Practice of the KU Leuven [54]
- Other universities.
- GPs’ participation in the ethics and scientific committee
- Datasoft, Medidoc
- Careconnect EHR
- No private-sector company involved in data analysis
NIHDI Public social security institution [23]   Extraction module on EHR [23]
Health Search Database / CSD©    Cegedim© [77]
Swedestar project   - Department of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Linköping,
Unit of Research and Development in Primary Care, Jönköping
- Lindsdals Primary Health Centre [96]
Swedestar software [96]
FIRE   - Institute of General Practice of Zurich University [97]
- “SGAM informatics”, a study group of the Swiss Association of GPs [26]
Grhanite extracting tool
LPD network - Cegedim    Doc’ware software - Cegedim© [8]
  1. athe contact person gave information on the project governance following our enquiry by email