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Table 4 A summary of odds ratios or beta coefficients reporting the association between country and several dependent variables of interest assessed bymultiple regression models

From: Internet use, eHealth literacy and attitudes toward computer/internet among people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders: a cross-sectional study in two distant European regions

Dependent Variable Country c Odds Ratioa / Betab 95% CI P-value
Among current Internet users:
Frequency of Internet use (daily vs. non-daily)a 14.52 5.40 to 39.03 <.0001
Internet use for:    
 Health-related purposes (yes/no)a 0.87 0.35 to 2.20 0.776
 Social networking and dating websites (yes/no)a 0.45 0.15 to 1.33 0.150
 Watching videos (yes/no)a 0.53 0.13 to 2.17 0.380
Among previous & current Internet users:
 eHealth literacyb 5.02 2.52 to 7.53 <.0001
Among never Internet users:
Efficacyb (ATC/IQ component) −0.06 −0.66 to 0.44 0.800
Interestb (ATC/IQ component) −0.44 −0.75 to −0.13 0.006
  1. aLogistic regression
  2. bLinear regression
  3. cAdjusted for gender, age, level of education and duration of the disease. Greece was used as a reference category