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Table 1 Deterministic rules used to create the gold-standard database

From: Evaluation of record linkage of two large administrative databases in a middle income country: stillbirths and notifications of dengue during pregnancy in Brazil

Linkage rule Number of links (%)
Full name and agea 46 (24.1%)
Agea and combination of first and last name 13 (6.8%)
Agea and combination of first and second name 9 (4.8%)
Agea and combination of second and last name 19 (9.9%)
Full name 65 (34.0%)
First and last name 19 (9.9%)
First and second name 8 (4.2%)
Second and last name 12 (6.3%)
Agea and Jaro-Winkler string comparator >0.95 0 (0%)
  1. aAge in years as recorded in the data or as derived from date of birth