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Table 3 Comparison of validity outcomes in the SCANDAT study and the current DTD results

From: Validation of multisource electronic health record data: an application to blood transfusion data

Outcome SCANDAT 1/2 DTD example
External concordance of database and official statistics on the number of transfusions >97% >98.7% for products and 99.96% for transfusions
% transfusions linked to the corresponding donor 95% 99.99%
% transfusions linked to hospitalization 88.7% 99.2% (of which 23.6% day admissions)
% duplicated donations and transfusions 4.9% (donations) and 9.1% (transfusions) 0% (donations) and 0.14% (transfusions)
% missing or invalid values for identification number or date values Range between 0.1% to 3.6% 0%–0.01%
Time patterns for donations and transfusion counts In 1 year approximately 160,000 transfusions were missing; it took 2 years for the number of donations and transfusions to stabilize after the start of a new registration system In 1 year the link of transfusions to products could be made for 2.2%, however this could be improved by adding donation data from the previous year
% of recipients had records of receiving a blood transfusion in two or more local registers 8.9% 6% of patients are transferred to another hospital