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Table 2 Specific requests for Health Education in four health topics in Stage 2 (MA denotes Male Adults, FA - Female Adults, MY - Male Youth, FY - Female Youth)

From: Using participatory methods to design an mHealth intervention for a low income country, a case study in Chikwawa, Malawi

Nutrition Hygiene Family Planning HIV
Food groups
[MA, FA, FY]
Hand Hygiene [MA, MY, FY] Advantages to Family Planning [FA, MY, FY] Prevention [MA,FA, MY, FY]
How to prepare a balanced meal [MA, MY, FY] Toilet Practicesa [MA, FA, MY] Inclusion of Men in Family Planning Education [MA, FA, MY, FY] HIV Testing [MY, FY]
Nutrition for people living with HIV [MA] Kitchen Hygiene [MA, MY, FY] Contraception methods and side effects [MA, FA, MY, FY] Treatment [MA, FY]
  Personal Hygieneb [MA, FY] Child Spacing [MA, FA, MY, FY]  
  Disease prevention [MA, MY] STI’s [MY, FY]  
   Safe Motherhood/Early Pregnancy [FA, MY]  
  1. aToilet practices examples include washing hands after use, keeping the toilet clean and not practicing open defecation
  2. bPersonal hygiene examples include taking a daily bath and general cleanliness