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Table 3 Key words associated with SAC1 incidents [50], along with excerpts from reports that were misidentified

From: Using multiclass classification to automate the identification of patient safety incident reports by type and severity

Key words Misidentified by machine classifiers (false positives) Misidentified by humans (false negatives)
death problem with death certificate, police notified patient died in operation room, ambulance or ICU, or died when transferring
suicide suicide or suspected suicide outside of hospital inpatient suicide
high risk high fall risk mentioned e.g. patient suffered extreme pain or hit their head, neurological observation, vital signs checked, CT scan of brain  
high risk medication, drug overdose or wrong medicine  
police notified absconded patients with mental health problems did not return from planned leave, police intervention  
incorrect patient duplicate CT scans due to problem with patient identification incorrect site for patient procedure
infection patient had infection in hospital more than two staff infected by patients
blood transfusion reaction   shortly after commencing the flebogamma infusion patient reacted to the medication with shortness of breath, chest tightness, vomiting and diarrhea
aggression   patient with mental health problems or Hepatitis C infection assaulted staff