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Table 2 Selection of 20 pharmacogenomic CDSS

From: Integrating clinical decision support systems for pharmacogenomic testing into clinical routine - a scoping review of designs of user-system interactions in recent system development

System or project name Users and study location Development status Citation
Clinical Pharmacogenomic Service (CPS) Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH); Physicians Pharmacists prototype Fusaro et al. 2013 [34]; Manzi et al. 2016 [28]
Medicine Safety Code (MSC) University of Vienna; Physicians and Patients prototype Minarro-Gimenez et al. 2014 [18]; Blagec et al. 2016 [10]
UW-PowerChart® prototype (s/n) University of Washington; Physicians prototype Overby et al. 2012 [37]; Devine et al. 2014 [38]; Overby et al. 2015 [11]; Nishimura et al. 2015 [32]; Nishimura et al. 2016 [33]
CU-case series study (s/n) Columbia University; Physicians fully developed (CLIA-certified laboratory) Cabrera und Finkelstein 2012 [26]; Finkelstein et al. 2016 [27]
RIGHT (No.1) Mayo Clinic; Physicians prototype Caraballo et al. 2016 [29]
RIGHT (No. 2) Mayo Clinic; Physicians prototype Vitek et al. 2015 [35]
RIGHT (No. 3) Mayo Clinic; Physicians prototype Ji et al. 2016 [25]
PREDICT Vanderbilt University; Physicians and Pharmacists prototype Pulley et al. 2012 [19]; Peterson et al. 2013 [20]
Personalized Medication Program (PMP) (No. 1) Cleveland Clinc (Ohio); physicians prototype Hicks et al. 2016 [30]; Teng et al. 2014 [52]
Personalized Medication Program (PMP) (No. 2) Cleveland Clinc (University of Florida) physicians prototype Owusu-Obeng et al. 2014 [36]
PG4KDS St. Jude Children Research Hospital; Physician; Nurse practitioner; Pharmacists; Patients prototype Bell et al. 2014 [12]; Hoffman et al. 2014 [39]; Gammal et al. 2016 [31]
GeneSight No study location; Physicians fully developed (CLIA-certified laboratory) Altar et al. 2015 [21]
Genomic prescribing system (GPS) portal University of Chicago; Physicians; Patients prototype O’Donnell et al. 2014 [22]; Hussain et al. 2016 [23]
CLIPMERGE PGx Mount Sinai Medical Center; Physcians prototype Gottesman et al. 2013 [8]
Pharmacogenetics Testing Implementation Committee (PGTIC) (s/n) National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, Bethesda, Maryland prototype Goldspiel et al. 2014 [9]
genAP Oslo University; Physicians prototype Laerum et al. 2013 [40]
YouScript University of Utah; Physicians; Pharmacists fully developed Brixner et al. 2015 [41]
TreatGx University of British Columbia; primary care physicians; pharmacist fully developed Dawes et al. 2016 [43]
Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC) (s/n) Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center; patients prototype Sweet et al. 2014 [42]
Warfarin Dosing prototype (s/n) Wishard Hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Center Indianapolis; Physicians; Pharmacists prototype Melton et al. 2016 [24]
  1. Notes: “s/n” = surrogate name