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Table 1 Key features of the diagnostic DSS prototype

From: The impact of a diagnostic decision support system on the consultation: perceptions of GPs and patients

• The DSS is integrated with Vision EHR system ( and is triggered by the GP entering the reason for encounter (RfE).
• Upon being triggered, the DSS presents a list of possible diagnoses, based on the RfE and information in the patient’s record (age, sex and risk factors). The intention is for the list to appear as early as possible, before GPs start gathering any further information.
• The interface allows the GP to easily code the patient’s signs, symptoms and examinations using a context-sensitive search box, while the order of diagnoses on the list is updated according to user input.
• For each suggested diagnosis, the GP can view a checklist of associated symptoms and signs, and indicate their presence or absence.
• At the end of the consultation, all the information is transferred automatically to the patient’s electronic health record, with the correct codes and structure.
  1. Further information and screen examples are provided in [6]