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Table 2 Evidence Based Medicine perceptions

From: Health care professionals’ attitudes towards evidence-based medicine in the workers’ compensation setting: a cohort study

  Mean (SD)
1. EBM practice
 What percentage of the treatments you recommend and/or procedures you undertake is evidence based? 75.8 (20.0)
2. Knowledge
 a. I am aware of the evidence based practices in my field 4.4 (0.7)
 b. I am familiar with the evidence based practices in my field 4.3 (0.6)
 c. I have enough access to information about evidence based practices 4.0 (0.9)
 d. I have/make time to keep myself up to date with evidence base practices 3.9 (0.9)
 e. I am able to interpret the evidence base from the literature 4.1 (0.8)
Mean knowledge score: 4.2 (0.6)
3. Attitudes
 a. I feel confident that I can perform evidence based practice 4.2 (0.7)
 b. I believe that evidence based practice leads to improved patient outcomes 4.1 (0.9)
 c. I am motivated to adopt evidence based practice 4.2 (0.8)
Mean attitudes score: 4.2 (0.7)
4. Behaviour
 a. It is easy to apply evidence based treatment in my day to day practice 3.5 (1.0)
 b. I am able to reconcile patient preferences with evidence based practice 3.7 (0.8)
 c. There are enough resources/facilities (e.g. staff, educational material) to adhere to evidence based practice 3.4 (1.0)
 d. I have enough time to apply evidence based treatment 3.7 (1.0)
 e. My colleagues are supportive of the evidence base in my field 3.7 (1.0)
 f. In general, in my clinical field, payment systems can influence the decisions about treatment 3.3 (1.2)
Mean behaviour score: 3.6 (0.6)
  1. The scales for items 2a to 4f ranged from 1–5 (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree)