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Table 2 Variant effects of FANCC on entorhinal cortex thickness. P-values from SKAT were obtained by removing a rare variant on FANCC at a time

From: Knowledge-driven binning approach for rare variant association analysis: application to neuroimaging biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease

Variant p-valuea Annotation
rs1800361 3.01E-04 nonsynonymous
rs145497019 1.20E-05 nonsynonymous
rs1800362 9.71E-06 nonsynonymous
rs1800368 9.71E-06 nonsynonymous
rs138629441 5.79E-06 nonsynonymous
rs143152201 3.19E-06 nonsynonymous
9:97869388 2.33E-06 nonsynonymous
FANCC 2.27E-06b  
9:97887391 2.27E-06 nonsynonymous
rs1800367 2.27E-06 nonsynonymous
9:97876956 2.20E-06 nonsynonymous
rs140687953 1.87E-06 nonsynonymous
rs140781259 1.70E-06 nonsynonymous
9:97934335 1.66E-06 nonsynonymous
rs1800366 1.65E-06 nonsynonymous
rs121917783 1.59E-06 stop-gain
rs1800365 1.48E-06 nonsynonymous
  1. a p-value from SKAT for FANCC after removing the variant
  2. b p-value from SKAT for FANCC that contains every variant