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Table 1 An illustrative example of categorical CVIS patient data

From: Imbalanced target prediction with pattern discovery on clinical data repositories

ID Gender PCI History Hemoglobin Diabetes CRP Bleeding
1 Male Yes Abnormal No Abnormal Yes
2 Female No Abnormal N/A Abnormal No
3 Male No N/A No Normal No
4 N/A Yes Normal No Normal No
5 Female Yes N/A No Abnormal Yes
6 Male No Normal No Normal No
  1. N/A Not available (missing value), PCI Percutaneous coronary intervention, CRP C-Reactive Protein
  2. The following example shows a candidate pattern to be discovered for target Bleeding = Yes
  3. PCI History = Yes, Hemoglobin = Abnormal, CRP = Abnormal
  4. Matching ratio threshold r = 2/3 (at least 2 attributes to match; or presented in % as 67%)