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Table 1 Measures of validity of type 2 diabetes code (ICPC-2, T90) in a primary care EHR database. Navarra EPIC-InterAct cohort

From: Validity of type 2 diabetes diagnosis in a population-based electronic health record database

  Gold standard (diagnosis from multiple sources) Total
Information of EHR T2DM yes T2DM no  
Code T90 yes (A) TP
True cases correctly identified in EHR
(B) FP
Non-cases wrongly coded in EHR
(A + B)
587 50 637
Code T90 no (C) FN
True cases not identified in EHR
(D) TN
True non-cases correctly identified in EHR
(C + D)
11 7039 7050
Total (A + C) (B + D) (A + B + C + D)
598 7089 7687
  1. Sensitivity: A/(A + C); specificity: D/(B + D); positive predictive value: A/(A + B); negative predictive value: D/(C + D)