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Table 2 Requirements of PtDA based on health professionals’ needs

From: Development of a web-based patient decision aid for initiating disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs using user-centred design methods

Functional requirements
 • PtDA provides health information on inflammatory arthritis and DMARDs.
 • PtDA provides health professionals insight into patients’ preferences, worries and questions about DMARDs.
Requirements for content, design and distribution
 • The provided information is based on the highest level of evidence available.
 • The PtDA is an extension of existing information patients receive (added value).
 • The PtDA meets the criteria set by laws regulating patient education and informed consent.
 • Referral to the PtDA is accompanied by a clear personal recommendation for appropriate options .for medication in writing
  … preferably digitala
 • Information about DMARDs other than those personally recommended by the rheumatologist to the patient is freely available.
 • The PtDA provides patients the opportunity to share their preferences, worries and questions about DMARDs with their health professionals.
  … by digitally sending these insights to the health professional before the consultation.a
 • The PtDA easily integrates with the existing daily work process/patient pathway.
 • The PtDA is not time-consuming for health professionals.
 • The PtDA is easily adjustable for newly developed DMARDs.
  1. aNot realized in final PtDA
  2. PtDA Patient Decision Aid, DMARD Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug