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Table 1 Timeline of the ICAN Study

From: Implementing 360° Quantified Self for childhood obesity: feasibility study and experiences from a weight loss camp in Qatar

Date Module Process Description
09/2015 Recruitment Students list with physiological data obtained
10/2015 Recruitment Overweight/obese kids selected for study
10/2015 Recruitment Parents contacted for information session
11/2015 Recruitment Study information session; consent forms given out to parents
01/2016 Intensive Camp Health camp begins (Food photos collected)
02/2016 Intensive Camp Health camp ends (Phones with Instagram, Activity trackers given)
02/2016 Weekend Clubs Weekend clubs begin
05/2016 Weekend Clubs Weekend clubs end
06/2016 Summer Break WhatsApp intervention for mothers begins
08/2016 Summer Break WhatsApp intervention for mothers ends