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Table 2 Summary of Estimote® and Sensefinity® main features, strengths and weaknesses

From: How can information systems provide support to nurses’ hand hygiene performance? Using gamification and indoor location to improve hand hygiene awareness and reduce hospital infections

  Estimote® Sensefinity®
Features • Wireless beacons;
• Based on BLE technology;
• Signals broadcasted are detected by applications installed on mobile devices;
• Main functionality is proximity detection;
• The app needs Wi-Fi or GSM to communicate over the Internet;
• Software Development Kit and example Demo app are provided.
• Wireless beacons and tags;
• Based on BLE technology and a proprietary protocol operating on the 2.4GHz frequency band;
• Provides a variety of functionality (proximity, direct location, etc.);
• Communicates over the Internet using gateways via GSM;
• Webservice provided to extract the data.
Strengths • Not very expensive;
• Accurate when providing proximity.
• Not very expensive;
• Provides all necessary equipment to build an IPS;
• No need for an already existent network;
Weaknesses • Need to buy other equipment, namely mobile devices;
• Demands the existence of Wi-Fi network or to use GSM;
• Not good for estimating direct distances;
• Very susceptible to interferences;
• Batteries levels decrease very fast.
• Demands the existence of GSM coverage;
• Hardware is very vulnerable to damage;
• Very susceptible to interferences;
• Beacons fall off frequently from their places.