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Table 5 Themes and Codes identified within analysis

From: Understanding how primary care practitioners perceive an online intervention for the management of hypertension

Theme Codes
 Managing blood pressure at home  Home monitoring an empowering process
 Home monitoring overcomes the problem of clinical inertia
 Home monitoring could save (or cost) time
 Patients may get obsessed with monitoring their blood pressure
 Home monitoring might be anxiety provoking
 Usual practice for managing high blood pressure
 Currently no system for recording home readings in practice
 Are home readings accurate?
 Home monitoring overcomes problems of white coat hypertension
 Useful that home readings are emailed to practitioners
 A system for responding to emails from HOME BP
 Agreeing medication changes in advance  Understanding medication changes in advance may be empowering for patients
 Concerns about choosing medication changes in advance
 Potential solutions to problems with choosing medication changes in advance
 Does the baseline medication review need to be longer to allow explanation of medication changes?
 Supporting patients using HOME BP  Useful that HOME BP provides support with behaviour change
 Supporters role with behaviour change viewed as important
 Supporter’s guide accessible
 Practitioners value building patient autonomy (avoiding dependence on practitioners)
 Perceptions of non-directive support using CARE
 Perceptions of congratulating patients using CARE
 Perceptions of reassuring patients using CARE
 Desire to see the patient intervention
 Lack of time to provide support