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Table 1 Events within HOME BP for Patients, Prescribers and Supporters

From: Understanding how primary care practitioners perceive an online intervention for the management of hypertension

Event Occurrence
Patients complete the first session of HOME BP
Designed to raise patients’ motivation for making medication changes
At the beginning of HOME BP
Practitioners and patients meet for a baseline medication review
Practitioners choose three medication changes which will be implemented later if the patients” blood pressure remains above target.
A week or two after the patient completes session 1
Patients complete the second session of HOME BP
Which demonstrates how to monitor blood pressure at home.
After baseline review
Patients practice monitoring their blood pressure at home for a week and meet with their Supporter if help is required
Supporters review patients’ practice blood pressure readings online and ask patients to do a further practice if they have experienced problems with this process. Patients can meet with their supporter if they have questions or concerns about home monitoring at this point.
After session 2
Patients monitor their blood pressure at home for 1 week every month
If blood pressure remains above target for two consecutive months the patient requires a medication change and is informed by HOME BP.
After a week of practice monitoring has been completed. Then monthly for the remainder of the intervention.
Practitioners are alerted by email if patients require a medication change
Practitioners create a prescription for the pre-agreed medication change, which patients can collect from reception or receive by post without requiring a consultation with the practitioner.
If a patients’ blood pressure remains raised for two consecutive months.
Supporters send patients a supportive email
To encourage engagement with HOME BP and home monitoring or lifestyle changes.
8 weeks after the beginning of HOME BP, then every 4 weeks after this.
Patients are given access to online support with making lifestyle changes
Patients can get help with changing their diet, increasing physical activity, reducing alcohol or losing weight. They are given access to this content 9 weeks after they begin HOME BP.
9 weeks after beginning HOME BP (to allow time for patients to get used to monitoring blood pressure)
Patients can meet with their Supporter
To discuss the lifestyle changes that they might like to make. This appointment is optional.
10 weeks after beginning of HOME BP