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Table 5 Recommendations for improving the Large Customizable Interactive Monitor, based on observations and interviews with nurses

From: Nurses’ perceptions, acceptance, and use of a novel in-room pediatric ICU technology: testing an expanded technology acceptance model

• Incorporate whiteboard-like features: goals of the day, parent information (e.g., phone number, preferences), parents’ questions and concerns
• Add due dates or task lists for pending tasks (e.g., dressing change)
• Provide screen saver mode for glanceable information frequently accessed by families (e.g., photos of the medical team)
• Train nurses on the purpose of the Interactive Monitor, procedures for its use, recommendations for use, and basic information (e.g., origin of data in the system)
• Eliminate functions not useful for nurses
• Update the problem list more frequently
• Customize display to accommodate needs of nurses in the unit instead of generic information
• Consolidate flowsheet, drips, labs, and urine output, on single timeline
• Show interventions on a timeline to facilitate identification of intervention-related effects and trends
• Match fluids ins and outs to the timeframe used in medical records system
• Functionality showing the interventions that happened and how they affected the vital signs on a trended scale
• Incorporate a synopsis screen