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Table 1 Survey scales and items, their source, and internal consistencies. (For precise item wording, see Appendix B)

From: Nurses’ perceptions, acceptance, and use of a novel in-room pediatric ICU technology: testing an expanded technology acceptance model

Scale and items Source Cronbach’s alpha
Perceived ease of use, expanded (6 items)
• Clear and understandable
• Easy to use
• Requires a lot of mental effort
• Easy to get it to do what I want
• Easy to learn
• Easy to navigate
TAM; Venkatesh & Morris [55]
+ two new items created based on usability definitions (learnability, navigability) [43]
Perceived usefulness, traditional (4 items)
• Improves job performance
• Increases productivity
• Enhances effectiveness in job
• Useful in job
TAM; Venkatesh & Morris [55] 0.929
Perceived usefulness for patient/family involvement, contextualized (4 items)
• Improves patient/family interaction
• Improves sharing information with family
• Improves communication with family
• Improves family engagement
Newly created for study, based on nursing TAM; Holden et al. [22] 0.941
Perceived usefulness for care delivery, contextualized (4 items)
• Improves patient care
• Improves information organization
• Improves access to patient information
• Improves sharing info with care team
Nursing TAM; Holden et al.,[22] and adapted to the study context 0.916
Social influence, institutional (3 items)
• Institution thinks I should use it
• Supervisors think I should use it
• Colleagues think I should use it
Modified from TAM research; Venkatesh et al.,[56] based on normative IT use research; Holden [36] 0.891
Social influence, patient/family (1 item)
• Patients/families like that I use it
Nursing TAM; Holden et al. [22] n/a
Perceived training on system (2 items)
• Received adequate training
• Training was clear
Nursing TAM; Holden et al., [22] based on Bailey & Pearson, [57] and adapted to the study context 0.908
Satisfaction with system (2 items)
• Satisfied with system
• Would recommend it to others
Nursing TAM; Holden et al.[22] 0.883
Intention to use system (2 items)
• Intend to use in next 6 months
• Want to use it
TAM; Venkatesh & Morris [55]; 2 item version based on Holden et al. [22] 0.903
Complete use of system (2 items)
• Use all available features
• Skip/ignore parts (reverse scored)
Nursing TAM; Holden et al., [22] adapted to the study context 0.615
  1. TAM technology acceptance model; optimal Cronbach’s alpha value is > 0.70 and higher values are indicative of internal consistencies; the response scale was 0 (not at all), 1 (a little), 2 (some), 3 (a moderate amount), 4 (pretty much), 5 (quite a lot), 6 (a great deal), and don’t know [22, 25]