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Table 1 Databases and cost components used in the calculation of health system costs before, during, and after cancer treatment

From: A randomized wait-list control trial to evaluate the impact of a mobile application to improve self-management of individuals with type 2 diabetes: a study protocol

Database Description Cost component
Ontario Health Insurance Plan and (OHIP) Contains claims paid by OHIP for services provided by all eligible health care providers, including physicians, groups, and laboratories. • Outpatient physician visits
• Laboratory services
• Non-physician services
National Ambulatory Care and Reporting System Contains data from hospital- and community-based ambulatory care services, including day surgery, outpatient clinics, and emergency departments. • Emergency department visits
• Dialysis visits
• Oncology clinic visits
Discharge Abstract Database Contains information on patient separations, notably:
• clinical data (diagnoses, procedures)
• administrative data (institution information, admission type, length of stay, disposition)
• resource consumption, defined using case-mix groups and resource intensity weight
• Inpatient hospitalizations
Client Agency Program Enrolment Registry of patients enrolled in a primary care model. Data elements include program type (family health team, family health organization, family health network, etc.) and patient enrolment status. • Capitation costs
Ontario Drug Benefit and (ODB) Contains claims for prescription drugs covered under the ODB program. Primarily includes drug claims for individuals 65 years of age and older, but also coverage under special ODB programs. • Medication use
National Rehabilitation and Reporting System Contains client data from adult inpatient rehabilitation facilities, such as
• administrative data (referral, admission, and discharge);
• health and functional characteristics;
• activities and participation (activities of daily living, communication level, social interaction); and
• intervention information.
• Rehabilitation admissions
Continuing Care and Reporting System Contains information about residents receiving facility-based continuing care services. Range of services includes complex continuing care, extended or chronic care, and residential care providing nursing services (that is, long-term care). • Complex continuing care admissions and long-term care
Home Care Database Captures information on all services provided or coordinated by Ontario Community Care Access Centres, including client data, intake and assessment information, admission and discharge, diagnosis and procedures, and care delivery. • Home care services
Ontario Mental Health and Reporting System Contains data on patients in adult designated inpatient mental health beds in acute and psychiatric facilities. Data elements include admission and discharge information, diagnoses, service utilization or intervention and procedures. • Mental health admissions
Assistive Devices Program Contains data on Ontario residents with long-term disability receiving personalized assisted devices to support basic needs, such as insulin pumps and supplies, home oxygen, and respiratory and ventilator equipment. • Assistive devices