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Table 3 Potential MOVE!23 tool adaptations

From: Adapting a weight management tool for Latina women: a usability study of the Veteran Health Administration’s MOVE!23 tool

Interaction Feedback/Rationale Proposed changes
Tool-User Aid in interpreting questions and advice outputa - Replace complex and ambiguous survey language
- Consistently provide definitions for complex or ambiguous terms
Tool-User Stimulate recall of relevant behaviorsa
Promote mapping behaviors to response
- Incorporate relevant examples into the questionnaire
Tool-User Prevent estimation errors and promote mapping behaviors to response - Allow users to respond to questions in units that match their behaviors (i.e. per week, per month)
Tool-User Increase personal relevance of communicationa - Allow the user to further personalize goals by selecting and prioritizing advice.
- Include actionable examples in goal-setting advice
User-Context Deliver contextualized and actionable communication - Allow the user to access goal-setting advice at times and places, and in a form that supports action
Tool-User Provide adaptive task supporta - Ensure that support of a peers (promotoras) or healthcare professionals are available when completing the questionnaire and reviewing the patient report
User-Context Provide adaptive technology supporta - Provide direct and immediate support for the use of technology when using MOVE!23 in clinical settings
  1. acan also be addressed through support from promotoras or other peer/lay health coaches