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Table 1 Examples of coded transcript quotes based on three-tier coding scheme

From: Adapting a weight management tool for Latina women: a usability study of the Veteran Health Administration’s MOVE!23 tool

Interaction/Code example Example quote
Tier 1 Code: User/Tool
Tier 2 Code: Facilitates
Tier 3 Code: Patient Report, Relevance
(The subject makes a statement regarding the extent to which the patient report is personally relevant)
RESPONDENT: I feel that, for the one with the foods, that I don’t ask enough. Like how it’s prepared…if I have it [patient report] with me at a restaurant, I would try to see how it’s prepared…It kind of made me think about that.
Tier 1 Code: User/Tool
Tier 2 Code: Impedes
Tier 3 Code: Question, Language
(The subject indicates that the language used by the survey question(s) is clear, appropriate, familiar to this user)
RESPONDENT: Okay, I don’t understand this one “some form of dieting that is eating different from the way you usually eat for the sake of losing weight.”
MODERATOR: Is that question difficult? Is that answer difficult to understand?
RESPONDENT: That’s difficult to understand, yeah.
Tier 1 Code: User/Tool
Tier 2 Code: Facilitates
Tier 3 Code: Experience, Eating
(The subject reflects upon a personal experience related to eating habits when completing the questionnaire)
RESPONDENT: When I’m focusing on the test or exam, I consume a lot of coffee, and then I could feel palpitations. So when I stop drinking a lot of coffee it stops so I have to say yes, I have too much stress right now.
Tier 1 Code: User/Context
Tier 2 Code: Impedes
Tier 3 Code: Technology, Experience
(The subject indicates that their experience/inexperience with a technology may impact their ability to “better” accomplish the task)
RESPONDENT: I guess I’m used to PCs more and I always look for the scroll bar on the side.
MODERATOR: You know, you can also go like this. Two fingers [motions on the touchpad].