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Table 3 List of digital health engagement and recruitment strategies

From: Understanding factors affecting patient and public engagement and recruitment to digital health interventions: a systematic review of qualitative studies

Engagement Strategy
 Advertising (Indirect) Electronic media - television screens and digital notice boards
Online media – email; social media; websites; Internet communities or forums
Print media - newspaper advertising; personal letters; posters on notice boards; printed flyers and leaflets
 Personal Contact (Direct) During a consultation with a health professional
Research or management staff within a healthcare facility
During a consultation with an employer
Family, friends or peers
Co-design activities
Recruitment Strategy
 Automatic Consent is assumed and a digital profile or account is created
 Electronic Register online via a website
 Paper based Complete a paper based registration form
 Personal Assistance Healthcare professional helps to create a digital profile or account
 Telephone or mobile phone Telephone registration line
Send a SMS text message