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Table 3 Phase 2 usability interview suggestions (n = 5 interviewees)

From: Integrating data from an online diabetes prevention program into an electronic health record and clinical workflow, a design phase usability study

Idea (number of mentions)
  Graphs – seeing the trend over time is more useful than high-level dashboard) (5)
  A lot of good information in graphs to use to support/guide motivational interviewing (4)
  Text clear/explained well/visually pleasing (3)
  Lessons completed give sense of engagement (2)
  Points on graph give sense of engagement (2)
  Provides more data than just from clinic visits (1)
 Areas for Improvement
  Where do the numbers on the dashboard come from/over what timeframe? Is it steps per day averaged over some time or just the last recorded? (4)
  Either highlight time axis or make consistent from graph to graph (3)
  Can we see high level content of lessons? What’s the difference between weekly & monthly lessons? (3)
  Can you show BMI along with weight? (2)
  Red “X” in lessons means not done or not done yet? What’s the goal number? (2)
  Can we view this and document our clinic visit simultaneously? (1)
  Can you drill down to graphs via clicking on the odometer? (1)
  Bar bell – thought of lifting weights but probably means pounds given what is recorded (1)
  Give the goal on the dashboard (rather than forcing user to do math) (1)
  Can you create a toggle on the graphs to show a few different intervals? Total time, 3 months, since last visit? (1)
  Steps can’t be less than zero – fix Y-axis so it doesn’t go negatively (1)
  Can you give a sense of how often data should be recorded versus what is actually recorded? (1)
  Give overall trend line on graphs to smooth out the noise? (1)
  Would use at point of care – clinic visit, phone call (5)
  Use by health coach/RN/MA in clinic (4)
  Time constraints for physician use (4)
  Would definitely use in patient care (motivating to review with PCP, even just having level of engagement is useful) (5)