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Table 1 Five usage scenarios

From: Legal assessment tool (LAT): an interactive tool to address privacy and data protection issues for data sharing

Data bridge Description
Image data bridge A data bridge that facilitates the comparison of cellular phenotypes specific to individual genes with morphological imaging data from diseased tissue specimens, from both human and mouse tissues.
Phenotype data bridge Datasets from mouse or human are collected that relate to the disease states of diabetes and / or obesity. After the annotation of these datasets, a service allows the automatic identification of phenotype matches across mouse and human.
Personalised medicine bridge The data bridge enables access to and integration of, often heterogeneous and dispersed, patient data to enable better treatment decisions for individual patients by using a data analysis informatics pipeline.
Structural data bridge A data bridge connecting databases with structural data and protein interaction data. Researchers receive access to a range of available structural techniques, such as crystallography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), MS or EM, and will be presented with a comprehensive structural model.
Biosamples data bridge Researchers receive information about available sample data through the BioSamples database with the aim to set up clinical/translational research collaborations.
  1. The five usage scenarios representing different kinds of data bridges used to create requirement clusters and to evaluate the developed legal interfaces