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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Diagnostic accuracy of administrative data algorithms in the diagnosis of osteoarthritis: a systematic review

Study Country Sample Size Diagnosis Age description % Female Admin Data source Study Population
Fowles et al. 1995 [23] US 1596 Unspecified OA 65 and above Not reported Medicine Parts A and B claims Primary care patients in Maryland
Harrold et al. 2000 [25] US 599 Unspecified OA 18 and above 62 % Health maintenance organization (HMO) Multispecialty group practice patients
Lix et al. 2006 [28] Canada 5589 Unspecified OA 19 and above Not reported Population Health Research Data Respiratory General Manitoba population
Rahman et al. 2008 [29] Canada 171 Knee OA Range 40–79 Not reported BC Linked Health Database Subjects with knee pain from a population based study of OA
Kadhim-Saleh et al. 2013 [24] Canada 313 Unspecified OA Mean age 68 52 % Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network Ontario Primary care research network
Williamson et al. 2014 [26] Canada 1920 Unspecified OA 85 % above 60 55.5 % Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network Primary care research network in Canada
Coleman et al. 2015 [27] Canada 403 Unspecified OA 90 % above 60 67 % Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network Mantibo Primary care research network