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Table 2 The activities (grips and associated movements) performed as part of the data capture protocol

From: Improving the recognition of grips and movements of the hand using myoelectric signals

Grp# Action group Code Description
1 hammer HG hammer grip
1 hammer HR hammer raise
1 hammer HGR hammer grip - raised pos.
1 hammer HL hammer lower
2 tip pinch TPG tip pinch grip
2 tip pinch TPR tip pinch raise
2 tip pinch TPL tip pinch lower
3 3-jaw chuck 3JCG 3-jaw chuck grip
3 3-jaw chuck 3JCR 3-jaw chuck raise
3 3-jaw chuck 3JCL 3-jaw chuck lower
4 key KG key grip
4 key KTS key turn - supination
4 key KTP key turn - pronation
5 scissors SCG scissors grip
5 scissors SCO scissors open
5 scissors SCC scissors close
6 door knob DKG door knob grip
6 door knob DKS door knob turn - supination
6 door knob DKP door knob turn - pronation
7 jar lid JLG jar lid grip
7 jar lid JLS jar lid turn - supination
7 jar lid JLP jar lid turn - pronation
8 ball BG ball grip
8 ball BSQ ball squeeze
- All NR neutral/rest
  1. The activity code is used as the class label and the 8 action groups are the base hand grip that’s engaged before the related follow-on actions are performed