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Table 2 ADAPT-ITT framework [27]

From: A qualitative analysis to optimize a telemonitoring intervention for heart failure patients from disparity communities

ADAPT-ITT phase Methodology
1. Assessment Conducted focus groups/needs assessment with Community Advisory Board (CAB)
2. Decision Decision regarding type of intervention was pre-determined by evidence base; however, decisions regarding characteristics of the intervention (equipment and study structure) were made.
3. Administration Theater testing was conducted during the CAB focus groups with patient stakeholders prior to intervention implementation.
4. Production A draft of the tailored intervention was presented to the CAB for further feedback and approval.
5. Topical experts The study team specifically recruited topical experts for CAB membership; see Table 2.
6. Integration CAB input was integrated into the final adapted version of the intervention; the telehealth software company revised the software to reflect CAB recommendations.
7. Training Both clinical and installation experts received training with regard to study structure and equipment use.
8. Testing A pilot test of the intervention was conducted with 10 patients to identify “hands-on” challenges requiring adaptation; a focus group was then held with 4 of those patients to further explore these challenges and solutions