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Table 5 After-nadir candidate patterns by equal-frequency binning

From: Discovery of prostate specific antigen pattern to predict castration resistant prostate cancer of androgen deprivation therapy

Pattern (support)
L q (0.51), L q L q (0.34) M q (0.45)
M L q (0.54), M q L q (0.31) M H q (0.43)
M q (0.54), M q M q (0.35) H q (0.36)
M H q (0.54), M H q L q (0.40)   
H q (0.48), M H q H q (0.31)   
   M H q M H q (0.36)   
   H q L q (0.34)   
   H q H q (0.32)   
  1. L q ,M L q ,M q ,M H q ,H q = PSAV state (Table 3)