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Table 3 A sample FAERS data satisfying MS(2, 0.4)-bounding

From: Privacy preserving data anonymization of spontaneous ADE reporting system dataset

(a) Anonymized table
ISR CaseID Age Gender Country Drugs
001 001 [20–30] M USA Paracetamol
002 001 [20–30] M USA Paracetamol
003 002 [20–30] M USA Intron A, Antacid
004 002 [20–30] M USA Intron A, Antacid
005 003 [30–40] F UK Paracetamol
006 004 [30–40] F UK Antacid
(b) External table
Drug Diseases
Asprin Flu, Headache, Fever
Intron A Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Leukemia, Melanoma
Paracetamol Headache, Fever
Antacid Stomachache, GERD