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Fig. 1

From: Positive influence of short message service and voice call interventions on adherence and health outcomes in case of chronic disease care: a systematic review

Fig. 1

Review process of the articles. Two of the authors independently searched for articles using the same search engines (PubMed, Cochrane Library, the Library of Congress, and Web Sciences) and the same key words (“m-Health”, “mobile communication”, “telemedicine technologies”, “interventions”, “adherence”, “compliance”, “chronic diseases”, “chronic conditions”, “randomized control trial”, “clinical trial”, “experimental design”, “quasi-experimental design”, and “observational study”). All papers published up to May 2014 were considered when the review has been done. All the titles and abstracts has been screened to decide whether should be included in the review paper following the inclusion and exclusion criteria; grey and policy papers, systematic reviews or meta-analysis and articles focusing on non-chronic conditions or diseases were excluded. The articles which includes additional interventions, like web based interventions, together with mobile phone SMS and voice call interventions, were also excluded. Finally, 14 articles met the full inclusion criteria and incorporated in the paper

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