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Table 1 Exploring embedding and integration of DPP using NPT for analysis of project and research results. Gives an overview of the number of text units from each data source that was sorted into the four core areas of the NPT: coherence, cognitive participation, collective action and reflexive monitoring

From: Process evaluation of discharge planning implementation in healthcare using normalization process theory

  Core areas
  Coherence Cognitive participation Collective action Reflexive monitoring
What is the process? Who performs the process? How does the process get performed? How is the process understood?
How RNs, DNs and HCOs perceived the DPP and whether they experienced the DPP as valuable to them and agreed about its usefulness and purpose. Whether RNs, DNs and HCOs saw the DPP as a legitimate part of their work and whether they supported it over time How the DPP was provided within the existing context, how the embedding and integration work had proceeded due to knowledge and resources How RNs, DNs and HCOs individually and collectively evaluated the DPP and its supportive tools.
Factors that promote or inhibit the routine embedding of DPP Factors that promote or inhibit participation in DPP Factors that promote or inhibit enacting DPP Factors that promote or inhibit appraisal of DPP
Data source No. of text units
Survey 0 1 12 0
Interview RNs 0 119 225 78
Interview DNs, HCOs 0 122 80 59
Adverse events/ information system failures 0 3 2 0
Workshops 12 8 37 6