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Table 4 A benchmarking table of existent alternative platforms

From: Psychometric assessment and behavioral experiments using a free virtual reality platform and computational science

  Platform name
  Virtually better Virtual ret Virtual reality rehabilitation system NeuroVirtual3D
Owner and license Virtually Better (Proprietary Software) Virtual Ware (Proprietary Software) Khymeia (Proprietary Software) Istituto Auxologico Italiano (FREE Software)
Primary users target Psychotherapy (PTSD) Psychotherapy (anxiety disorders) Motor neurorehabilitation Experimental psychology, Psychotherapy and Neurorehabilitation
Market of interests International Mostly Spanish Mostly Italian International
Report Log user activity Log user activity Log user activity, performance and functional recovery measure Log user activity, performance and functional recovery measure, territorial map, trigger logging and psychophysiological measures
hardware third parts support NO NO NO YES
Available SDK NO NO NO YES
Multi-user support YES YES NO YES
Online sharing of virtual environments and scenarios NO NO NO YES
Experimental validation protocols YES Data non available YES YES
Customizing virtual environments treatment YES NO It can create new exercises using the built-in library of 3D objects Users can create new exercises using the multimedia editor included with the software
Integration of multimedia content in 3D environments YES NO NO YES, users can use the editor to insert audio and video clips in virtual environments
Portable exercises mode NO NO YES Yes, some environments will be available on the mobile platform (Android or iPhone) in the future
Eye-tracking Integration NO NO NO YES
telecare / remote assistance mode YES NO YES Yes, a therapist may use remote environments with the patient
Possibility of customization / personalization software YES Data not available YES YES
Further hardware integration (biosensors, devices, etc.) NO NO NO YES, though VRPN or TCP/IP protocol (dedicated port)