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Table 1 Examples for pre-diagnostic experiences and the process of categorization

From: Diagnostic support for selected neuromuscular diseases using answer-pattern recognition and data mining techniques: a proof of concept multicenter prospective trial

Patient experience/citation Category Question
“My husband enjoys hiking, but for me, steep trails were extremely difficult to manage. I needed to rest often and he would get impatient and cross with me. But what could I do – there was simply no strength in my legs!” Gait/gait pattern Can you easily walk uphill?
“Sports in school were simply a nightmare for me. Youth sport meets or any competitive sport exasperated me. Especially those activities that required quick movements were a major fail for me” Sport activities and training When you were young were you able to keep up in sports?
“During military service we were forced to pass a fitness course. In addition to other challenges, we had to climb over a six-foot wall. Lifting my body over the barrier was impossible. So I waited until the sergeant was not looking and I would instead run around the barricade.” Conscious or unconscious compensation of disability Did you have to “cheat” such as using alternative muscles when performing certain activities?