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Table 1 List of measures included in Ready, Set, Change! decision support tool

From: Ready, Set, Change! Development and usability testing of an online readiness for change decision support tool for healthcare organizations

# Title of measure Author Year
M1a Organizational Readiness for Change (Texas Christian University) [38] Lehman et al. 2002
M2 Organizational Readiness to Change Assessment [39] Helfrich et al 2009
M3 Long-Term Care (LTC) Readiness Tool [40] Cherry et al 2011
M4 Team Climate Inventory [41] Anderson & West 1994
M5 Measuring Practice Capacity for Change [42] Bobiak et al 2009
M6 Perceived Organizational Readiness for Change [43] Armenakis, Harris, & Mossholder 1993
M7 Organizational Change Questionnaire-Climate of Change, Processes, and Readiness [44] Bouckenooghe et al 2009
M8 Organizational Information Technology Innovation Readiness Scale [45] Snyder-Halpern 1996
M9 e-Health Readiness Measure [46] Poissant & Curran 2007
  1. aAll included measures are survey instruments