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Table 1 A list of items on the Achievement Motive Index for Medical Treatment

From: Measuring motivation for medical treatment: confirming the factor structure of the Achievement Motivation Index for Medical Treatment (AMI-MeT)

Sentence of each items
Achievement Motivation Derived from Other (AMO)
 Q1: It’s important to strive for advanced medical care.
 Q2: I want to be treated at a noted hospital.
 Q3: Selecting a therapy grounded in medicine is important.
 Q4: I’d be happy to receive better-than-average care.
 Q5 If treatment works well, that means living longer.
Self-derived Achievement Motivation (AMS)
 Q6: I want to make the best decision for me.
 Q7: I should be convinced with various things that matter.
 Q8: It’s important for me to follow my heart rather than to trouble myself with the ideas of others.
 Q9: Even if several therapies are available, I want to find the one that’s preferable for me.
 Q10: I want to express my wishes, even if it’s something that’s not very significant.