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Table 3 Topics for shared learning in implementing patient texting in the medical safety net highlighted by pilot sites

From: Qualitative analysis of programmatic initiatives to text patients with mobile devices in resource-limited health systems

Topics Example quote(s)
Vendor selection • “They [CCI] offered us vendors to look at too so I did my research on the different vendors and see what kind of innovations they have and platforms they have for texting.” [A]
Vendor contracts/payment • “We don’t have to pay for each text message. Many of the other vendors actually charge for each text message and we were on the call this morning and they [another site] were saying that each text message is three-quarters of a cent.” [D]
Understanding HIPAA • “I know one of the grants really had a huge HIPPA sort of concerns and put a hold on it.” [D]
• “They pulled together a webinar on HIPAA. I would say that was a big plus for us.” [B]
• “It might also be really helpful to either see, witness, or get connected with industries or organizations that are much more advanced maybe in the HIPAA area. So they’ve already figured out how to do it.” [F]
Designing consent forms • “The consent piece was huge in terms of shared learning among grantees. [B]
• “We both found it useful just to hear some of the other challenges that people were up against, particularly around the consenting piece.” [E]
Reassurance and support • “I think it’s that reassurance that we’re not the only ones having some technical issues too in the project” [G]
• “So having issues with their contractor …that’s interesting to see how they’re approaching it. I just found that useful.” [G]
Idea generation • “I think learning that there is this program which we could potentially use to provide cellphones for our homeless population so they can participate. It has been really an endpoint learning for us.” [H]
• “I’m not sure we would have come up with this idea had we not had some of the other observation tools through CCI.” [E]
• “It [conference calls] has generated a lot of ideas for what we just liked to do with texting in the future, because they have a diabetes management platform that works within.” [C]