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Table 2 Clinical uses of texting programs and site information

From: Qualitative analysis of programmatic initiatives to text patients with mobile devices in resource-limited health systems

Current clinical pilot Pilot Sites Description of use of texting Texting goals and metrics
Patient-level System-level
Outreach to uninsured youth A To provide insurance coverage information to uninsured youth (ages 18-24) • Increase health insurance enrollment
• Patient satisfaction rate with texting program
• Reduce need for health educators to manually text patients
Appointment reminders B, H Appointment reminders for routine outpatient visits and/or hospital discharge appointments • Improve post-discharge care
• Improve patient satisfaction, access and engagement
• Reduce manual calling of patients
• Reduce no-show rates
• Reduce readmission rates after discharge
Post-discharge care coordination C To verify if patients discharged from inpatient or emergency room have follow-up and medications • Address unmet needs of patients after a “rescue event” (inpatient or ED visit) • Reduce inpatient and ED readmissions
• Decrease costs of capitated contracts
Blood pressure management D To communicate about blood pressure with providers for patients in a home-monitoring program • Improve patient engagement at home
• Provide feedback on blood pressure in between visits
• Reduce disparities within patient panels
• Reach patients outside clinic with limited access
Specialist referral reminders E To provide reminders and information to patients regarding new non-urgent referral appointments • Provide patient-centered care
• Strengthen care coordination in the PCMH model
• Optimize time of the referral managers
• Improve PCP-specialist communication
• Close open referrals more quickly
Behavioral health - substance abuse recovery G Sending motivational messages to patients enrolled in an existing in-person recovery program for substance abuse • Improve completion rate of 12 week recovery program
• Improve patient satisfaction
• Extend communication of the “medical home”