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Table 6 Physicians’ and nurses’ ideas of beneficial characteristics of future CDSS

From: User perspectives on an electronic decision-support tool performing comprehensive medication reviews - a focus group study with physicians and nurses

Text fragment Code
 ‘Could this (CDSS) screen for multipharmacy patients and recommend a comprehensive medication review for some of them?’ screening patients for comprehensive medical review
 ‘I would like to see the most important things on the top of the medication review highlighting information
 Some temporary medications on the medication list, for example a short course of iron supplements, may have remained on the list beyond the intended completion date…to receive some kind of notification about this reminders for unnecessary medication
 ‘I would like to use this tool for getting new ideas for my patient’s medication. Just like talking with a colleague’ getting new ideas
 ‘It could take into account the reduced dosing and GFR at the same time…’ taking notice of the dosing of medicine
 ‘Helpful for me would be to see blood pressure, weight and blood sugar follow-up results at one glance’ summary of meaningful measurements
 ' Many patients have taken antidepressants and sedatives for decades…nobody pays attention to it…I would like to see this tool reminding me to follow-up and consider discontinuation…’ (nurse talks about medication of elderly home care patients) reminders to check-up indications for long-term medicines
 ‘We could measure pain on VAS-scale and document it in the EHR’…(in a structured form) utilizing pain measurements for the CDSS
 ‘I have to remind myself to measure orthostatic blood pressure from an elderly person, who is at the risk of falling…’ Reminders to detect persons at the risk of falling
 It would be nice to have direct laboratory referrals integrated into reminders…you could click through the reminder to a lab form and set the dates for referrals…it would ease my work’ Laboratory referrals integrated into reminders