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Table 5 Facilitators in using CDSS experienced by physicians and nurses

From: User perspectives on an electronic decision-support tool performing comprehensive medication reviews - a focus group study with physicians and nurses

Original text fragment Code
 ‘The patient has symptomatic COPD, and no information on pneumococcal vaccination was found. Consider vaccination…it’s nice that ‘someone’ has time to consider those…’
‘It (CDSS) takes into account matters that I normally wouldn’t think about it…’
beneficial reminders
 ‘I very much enjoyed getting the GFR automatically…it makes me feel useless’ (laughing) beneficial calculators
 ’I found this tool (CMR) to be useful when I renewed the prescriptions for patient with polypharmacy’ the burden of adverse effect caused by drugs
 ‘As a consequence of a reminder for drug dosing in renal malfunction, I reduced the methotrexate dose, which I had forgotten’ safety checks
 ‘I found the laboratory request reminders useful…’ beneficial reminders
 ‘It’s good that you see the date of the last measurement (in report)…’ measurements in a single report
 ‘It (CDSS) guided me to systematically check-up lab follow-up, the latest blood pressure measurements, the creatinine value and to update the medication…’ guides to update medication and measurements
 ‘Once when my doctor was away, I used the warfarin assistant to define the dosing’ dosing assistant