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Table 1 Patients and the SkinCheck App Feature Usage

From: Development of mHealth system for supporting self-management and remote consultation of skincare

Patient Usage for Reminders Messaging Pictures No. Body Regions Wound locations
P1 High High High 3 Foot/Buttocks/Leg
P2 High Low Low 1 Hand
P3 Low Low Low 0  
P4 High High High 1 Back
P5 High High High 2 Foot/Leg
P6 Low Low Low 0  
P7 Low Low Low 0  
P8 High High High 1 Leg
P9 Low Low Low 0  
P10 Low Low Low 0  
P11 High High High 2 Foot/Arm
P12 Low Low Low 1 Foot
P13 High Low Low 2 Back/Leg