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Table 3 Comparing top ranked RAI-HC items with items in the CA rehabilitation algorithm

From: Opinion versus practice regarding the use of rehabilitation services in home care: an investigation using machine learning algorithms

Top ranked items by the LASSO and the RF Items included in the CA rehabilitation algorithm
K6A uUnsteady gait D5 ADL decline
H3 ADL decline D4D Stair climbing
K6B Limits going outdoors due to fear of falling D4A† Meal preparation
JIX Cancer (last 5 years) D4B† Managing housework
H7A Client believes can improve D4C† Managing medications
K5 Falls frequency C1‡ Skills of daily decision making
P2W Nurse monitoring < daily C2A‡ Bathing
H4B Stair climbing C2B‡ Personal hygiene
H5 Mode of locomotion - indoors C2C‡ Dressing lower body
H4A Mode of locomotion – outdoors C2D Locomotion
O2B Better off in different environment