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Table 4 Results of the first clinical question. The results given by the framework to the first clinical question. The list of individual tools that could solve the entire clinical question are listed at the top which are then followed by a list of the tools that could be combined, i.e. pipelined, for providing an answer to the given clinical question

From: Semantic biomedical resource discovery: a Natural Language Processing framework

Unique Tools List
SCORE TOOL NAME Identified (query)
4.75 = 3 (in) + 1 (out) + 0.75 (tag) National Cancer Institute SEER API carboplatin & cancer (in)
cancer (in)
lung cancer (in)
drug (out)
4 = 3 (in) + 1 (out) cBio Cancer Genomics Data Server carboplatin & cancer (in)
(CGDS) API cancer (in)
lung cancer (in)
find (out)
4 = 1 (in) + 3 (out) EUADR - Literature analysis adverse effects (in)
drug-references (out)
drug (out)
literature (out)
Pipeline Tools List
National Cancer Institue caDSR API AIDSinfo API
China Cancer Database API AIDSinfo API
Single Tools List
3.75 = 3 (in) + 3*0.25 (tag) The Cancer Genome Atlas API
3.75 = 3 (in) + 3*0.25 (tag) China Cancer Database API
3 (in) National Cancer Institue caDSR API
3 (in) MuTect
2.25 = 1 (out) + 5*0.25 (tag) Lexicomp API
2 (out) Arabidopsis thaliana Microarray Analysis
2 (out) Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region
2 (out) SciBite API
2 (out) DGIdb API
2 = 4*0.25 (tag) DailyMed API
2 = 4*0.25 (tag) Aetna CarePass API
2 = 4*0.25 (tag) National Institute on Drug Abuse Drug Screening Tool API