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Table 1 Evaluation of the measurement constructs reliability

From: Modeling antecedents of electronic medical record system implementation success in low-resource setting hospitals

Variable Item Abbr SD CR AVE C α
System Quality SmartCare is easy to use SQ1 0.89 0.84 0.68 0.84
SmartCare is user friendly SQ2 0.76
I find it easy to get SmartCare to do what I want it to do SQ3 0.71
The response time of SmartCare is acceptable SQ4 0.88
Information quality SmartCare provides sufficient information to enable you to do your tasks IQ1 0.73 0.91 0.74 0.89
I am satisfied with the accuracy of SmartCare IQ2 0.86
SmartCare generate complete report IQ3 0.84
With SmartCare, I am able to access the information I need in time IQ4 0.91
The reports from other departments are in the format of my need. IQ5 0.83
Service Quality SmartCare is dependable SQ1 0.86 0.89 0.73 0.85
My supervisor has been helpful in the use of SmartCare. SQ2 0.87
The available user guides and help function is helpful SQ3 0.79
I can access computers in the ward when I need them SQ4 0.91
The generator automatically backs up power losses SQ5 0.87
  The support from Tulane is timely. SQ6 0.77
  The reported bugs on the software get fixed in acceptable time frame SQ& 0.74
Use I frequently use SmartCare for my tasks Use1 0.88 0.91 0.76 0.91
I am dependent on SmartCare for my task Use2 0.93
User Satisfaction I can finish my task faster with SmartCare US1 0.89 0.89 0.69 0.86
SmartCare improves my productivity US2 0.81
SmartCare has positive impact on quality of my task US3 0.78
Overall I am satisfied with SmartCare US4 0.81
Perceived net-benefit I expect SmartCare to make the patient care faster PN1 0.95 0.95 0.79 0.84
I expect SmartCare to increase my effectiveness PN2 0.93
I expect SmartCare to make the hospital service better PN3 0.91
Computer literacy I am interested in working with computers CA1 0.94 0.96 0.81 0.91
I have moderate skill in using computers CA2 0.93
I take computer trainings in the hospital CA3 0.89
I am playful in technology CA4 0.91
I feel that using computers will support me to be more efficient in the future CA5 0.96
  1. SD = Standard loading, CR = Composite reliability C α = Cronbach’s α AVE = Average variance extracted