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Table 5 Contents of Living Well with Asthma resource

From: Details of development of the resource for adults with asthma in the RAISIN (randomized trial of an asthma internet self-management intervention) study

Topic Summary of content
Introduction pagesa This section encourages users to recognise whether they are putting up with symptoms unnecessarily, and introduces concepts such as goal setting and its potential benefits.
My Asthmaa There are three versions of this section tailored to current use of preventer therapy as chosen by the user:
1) I have never used/been prescribed a preventer
2) I have been prescribed a preventer but don’t really use it
3) I mostly/always take my preventer inhaler as prescribed
This section covers adherence and challenges negative beliefs about inhaled steroids.
Treatments Provides information about different treatments. Links to videos to demonstrate inhaler technique and encourages users to consider whether they are on the correct ‘step’ of the asthma treatment ladder.
Asthma Reviews Promotes attendance at asthma reviews outlining potential benefits to symptoms and quality of life. Prompts user to recognise if putting up with symptoms, and to recognise if they are at risk of asthma attacks.
Action Plans Describes what action plans are and their potential benefits. Provides a template action plan that can also be used by practice nurses during asthma reviews in local health boards.
Physical Activity Promotes benefits of physical activity, and challenges negative beliefs about exercising with asthma. Provides practical advice and tips to encourage users to increase their activity levels.
Common concerns and queries Answers 15 common queries and concerns that people with asthma may have, developed from the literature, focus groups and during think aloud studies. For example:. I am worried about taking inhaled steroids long term, should I be? Why are some days better than others?
Stress & Anxiety Promotes recognition of the role of stress on asthma, and how having asthma symptoms can lead to stress. Provides suggestions for reducing stress and anxiety.
Take the 4 week Challenge The user is prompted to commit to taking their preventer inhaler regularly for 4 weeks. Users can choose from a list of provided ‘barriers’ to taking their inhalers and review suggested strategies or can free text their own. They may sign up to receive weekly emails during the challenge.
Like to stop smoking? This links to an external website called ‘StopAdvisor’ [19]. This has been developed using LifeGuide software and further details are available elsewhere.
Useful info and links This re-lists information and useful links that have been included elsewhere in the website.
Email reminders These emails are sent every two months. They all include the RCP 3 Questions to encourage the user to assess their current control and prompt them to visit the website or see their nurse or doctor if appropriate. There are also reminders to order inhalers, or other medications (e.g. in time for hay fever season), or if going on holidays.
  1. aAll users are directed through these two sections at first login, and can optionally visit again during future sessions